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We provide you with actionable insights to increase awareness, identify fast-growing topics, to become quickly thought leader on any of your strength.
We built this AI-tool thanks to years of R&D on Harvard economists, an innovative framework and in-depth technology.

Competitive AI-Tool

Built with years of R&D based on Harvard framework and innovative algorithm, Datakudo is the result of years of work to provide you with specific answers thanks to exhaustive, customized and automated research of competition.


We help startup, scale-up and Enterprise to synthesize their market and get strategic answers on any of their leadership goal, as earning market share or defining how to position their brand in a competitive market.

Actionable insights

Decision-makers get strategic insights on what makes their competitors better than them, helping our client adjust their strategy and reinforce their leadership where it matters the most.

How it works

Get insights on your brand’s strengths and weaknesses

Grow your brand awareness by understanding what makes you the best and how competitors are growing on contents, Twitter, and even Linkedin!

Monitor leaders and threats regarding any of your challenging topics

Understand in a few charts how your competitors investing their effort to make the best strategic decision.

Use our AI-tool to identify new topics,  saturated one and which one are growing and give you a booster

By knowing how the competition are driving their market strategy, you get strategic metrics to make any of your effort more valuable to earn more leadership.

Go beyond your competitors by analyzing leaders of your industry and who influence it

We always advise our client to analyze with Datakudo leaders in other industries, key opinion leaders, specific newspapers or famous spokespersons. This helps decision-makers understand better how they behave, how they communicate, to get the best next moves, in a matter of minutes.


How they use Datakudo

Find out how our clients use Datakudo to get strategic insights regarding their own goals and own fields

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Negotiate budgets according to your leadership, gather market insights for shareholders and N+1, and reinforce your teams according to their strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Head of Communication & Brand

Enhance your positioning and brand platform based on potential key messages, and your competitors' efforts. 
Also, get strategic proposition on how competition communicate and what works best. Read more.

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Personalize your sales approaches by showing an interest in the competitive environment of your strategic prospects and customers. Read more.

Product Marketing

Understand where competitors are investing their effort in order to drive your marketing roadmap regarding competitors’ communication. Read more.

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Campaign manager

Measure the evolution of your inbound leads according to the success of your campaigns and the actions of the competition. Read more.

Human resources

Improve your employer brand by analyzing your communication in compensation, remote, mobility, or inclusion across your industry. Read more.


What customers saying

Top companies use Datakudo to get a clear, updated, and insightful picture of their market position on the Web.

“Datakudo is the first tool to show us where to stop or strengthen our investments to improve our business goals in multiple countries.”

Selma Chauvin
VP Marketing at UKG

“Datakudo allows us to understand the positioning of our competitors on the main editorial topics. Thanks to the tool, we were able to identify competitors who stand out and adopt the best strategies to ensure we are ahead of the market.“

Sabine Boisset
Brand Content Director at KPMG

“Datakudo helps us monitor and reinforce our brands' visibility regarding our strategic key topics.“

Leopold Arnaud
VP Marketing at Luko

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