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Get a crunchy and insightful summary of all your competitors, every month, that you can digest in five minutes. It takes 2 minutes to build and it's fully customized.  

Track Industry Leaders, Direct Competitors in One Single Chart

Stay ahead of the competition by analyzing brands, competitors, clients, or any strategic influencer. Focus on the leading and fastest-growing companies to ensure you remain at the top of your industry.

Outsmart Your Competition and Uncover their Hottest Topics

Knowing your competitors' top-linked topics is key to understanding where your market is headed. Analyze their strategy and gain more leadership on your goals.

Say Hello to Streamlined Content! Enhance Your Market Knowledge with our Impact of Voice™ Algorithm

Our Impact of Voice™ algorithm breaks down the way you digest information, helping you get the most important content and streamlining your knowledge. Say goodbye to wasted time!

Use case

How they use Datakudo

Find out how our clients use Datakudo to get strategic insights regarding their own goals and own fields

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Negotiate budgets according to your leadership, gather market insights for shareholders and N+1, and reinforce your teams according to strengths and weaknesses.

Head of Communication, PR & Brand

Enhance your positioning and brand platform based on potential key messages, and your competitors' efforts. 
Get strategic proposition on how competition communicate and what works best. 

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Personalize your sales approaches by showing an interest in the competitive environment of your strategic prospects and customers. 

Product Marketing

Understand where competitors are investing their effort in order to drive your marketing roadmap regarding competitors’ communication.

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Advanced Analytics - Tech Webflow Template

Campaign manager

Measure the evolution of your inbound leads according to the success of your campaigns and the actions of the competition.

Human resources

Improve your employer brand by analyzing your communication in compensation, remote, mobility, or inclusion across your industry.

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