Octave Laurentin

Octave Laurentin

CEO & Co-Founder

For the past decade, I have worked at Google, in tech companies, and as an entrepreneur to bring more data-driven insights to the table when making strategic decisions. I am passionate about making an impact and helping people succeed!


Octave Laurentin

Octave Laurentin is a passionate entrepreneur, leader, and innovator who has been involved in the tech industry for over a decade. As the CEO of Datakudo, he strives to provide insights and solutions to help businesses make the best decisions for their brand strategies.

Octave has worked with over 250 agencies while employed at Google and has served as the CMO of a chatbot company. An improvisation enthusiast, Octave is highly skilled on the piano and guitar. He loves to combine his passion for improvisation with his passion for problem solving.

His dedication to Datakudo is to help his customers make the best decisions. Octave Laurentin is a leader in the tech industry, paving the way for businesses to take their brand strategies to the next level.

He is passionate about his work, and loves the challenge of creating solutions for his customers.

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